Sometimes it is necessary to be able to find the PAGE ID for a certain page within the admin area. This guide to locating the WordPress page ID from within the backend admin area is a very useful reference for beginners and advanced users alike (or anyone, really!).

Locating the page with the ID already known:

You can learn that in order to find out the WordPress page ID for any given WordPress page that you are working on, all you need to do is simply enter into your browser address bar: β€œ” [replacing ” ” with your actual site URL, and β€œ?page_id=” with the WordPress page ID (that you would like to find out)], just before the WordPress page URL that you have browsed to.

For example, if you were working on WordPress Page ID #1000 in WordPress backend, then you should enter into your browser address bar: The WordPress page query parameter will automatically be used to search for the WordPress page in WordPress backend.

So if a WordPress custom post type was specified in the WordPress Page URL as an example, and instead of , it was typed into the browser address bar as , then WordPress backend would assume that you wanted to find out more about WordPress Page ID # 1000 within WordPress Post Type: Products . That’s what I mean by using β€œ?page_id=” at the end of any WordPress Page URL in order to get its corresponding WordPress page ID number.

Finding out the Page ID where it is not known:

For this guide we will suppose that you want to find the WordPress page id for a website’s ‘About us’ page.

1. Log in to your website’s backend administration area.

2. Navigate to “Pages” located on your left hand side menu, then click on the drop down arrow beside it and select “All Pages”.

3.If you hove over the page in question (About Us), in the bottom left corner you should see a URL appear. This will include the PAGE ID you are after.

In the example below the page ID is 81445.

… and there you have it! You’ve found the page ID where it’s not currently known.