Wondering how to promote your business online?

The day has come. Your business is finally ready. But there is just one problem. You spent all your budget on business and didn’t factor in the expenses for branding and promotions.

You are in luck, my friend. Business promotion doesn’t cost at all.

In the early years, when there was no internet, business promotions were very costly. It required some heavy printing duties with fliers and billboards. Pricey newspaper ads. Expensive and hard to manage social events and whatnot.

But now, the world of the internet is filled with opportunities. You just need to know where to look and how to utilize this incredible potential to your advantage. We are here to solve this problem for you. If you are a small business owner and you often question “how to promote my business online?” then this guide is for you. We will see the strategies that have helped businesses to succeed. Not only that, but such strategies are still heavily employed by bigger brands as well.

1.      Listing with the Local Directories

Creating a Google My Business Account should be the foremost order of business for promotion. It is a free and easy method that helps you appear on Google searches and Google Maps. This process only requires sign-in and verification – which is usually done by a simple phone call. Yahoo! Local and Microsoft Bing are also known as the Local Directories that are used for similar purposes as of Google My Business.

2.      Meme-ing your way into Recognition

The world’s total population is 7 Billion and about 3 Billion uses Social Media. So, a major part of the population is just sitting and waiting for your product. Let your brand be known. Expand your network on LinkedIn. Tweet your business. Meme your brand into recognition if you have to, because one thing this generation loves more than anything is memes, and you can bet on it!

3.      Setting up Social Media Shops

If you are an E-commerce business, social shops such as Facebook shop and Instagram Business are some of your biggest tools. Instagram has the reputation of being the most popular platform for social media shopping, particularly because of its image-friendly platform. Whereas Facebook gives you the ability to add and update products directly to your page, while also allowing you to directly sell them. You can even employ the AI Chatbots on Messenger to answer customer queries and offer promos and deals.

4.      Staying Active on Social Media

Once being set-up on social media, your job is to stay active. Customers would like to know more about the product they are about to buy and would be often inquiring about it. Answer them, not within hours, but within minutes. This will help improve the seller communication rating and provide the last spark needed for a potential sale.

5.      Social Media Ads and Local Influencers

We know we said these strategies won’t cost you, but this technique is so cheap that it practically costs you nothing. Social Media Ads improve your brand visibility significantly. Facebook ads, Instagram ads are particularly very helpful if you already have a business account on them. You can also pay a very small amount to the local influencers to be mentioned in their stories or YouTube videos. There are more methods that you can employ such as Google Ads, Pay Per Click, AdWords, and many more.

6.      SEO and Website Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is responsible for increasing your visibility on a search engine such as Google. SEO is important for your website as it helps you attract organic traffic to your website. SEO is free and requires only a bit of research and dedication to post updated and interesting content on your website.

7.      Blog Writing

Blog writing is one of the biggest tools for attracting customers due to several reasons. One: it helps in SEO, and two: it improves brand awareness. By the method of blog posting, you are interacting directly with your future customers. You would be the number one thought in their mind when they would need something relevant. For example, if they needed to buy a new laptop, they knew what laptop they needed because of the reviews about it that you posted on your website. They would buy from your store or go to the store referred by you.

8.      Photography of your Business

Pictures are the first thing a person looks at when going through a product search on the internet. You can gain or lose a customer just by the thumbnail of your product. So, it is absolutely vital that your picture grabs attention just by the first appearance. For this, it should not only be clear and high quality but also creative.

9.      Getting Reviews and Referrals

The ancient technique of referrals has also found its essential position in this age as well. Referrals have been around forever, and they still continue to dominate the marketing world. Reviews and referrals build up reputation and clientele, which eventually leads to brand recognition and promotion.

For example, most applications provide a unique referral code to every user. They can get gifts or bonuses when a new user enters their code as a referral. This serves as an incredible incentive to people visiting your app. Once inside the app, they are bound to find something interesting.


Promoting business online is very easy and it is accessible to all. It costs nothing in most cases, and where it does cost, the return on investment is incredibly high. Online promotional strategies are not only employed by newer businesses looking to make their mark, but also by worldwide recognized brands such as Amazon or Nike. The world of the internet is filled with opportunities, you just need to utilize them.